DIAS Data Integration & Analysis System at Yoshikawa & Ma Laboratory, Kyoto University


DIAS (Data Integration & Analysis System)

Although various types of natural disaster affect human society, the effects of human activities such as the destruction of ecosystems and global warming have resulted in changes in natural systems, which in turn constrain human activity.
To address these problems, the Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS) was launched as part of the Earth Observation and Ocean Exploration System, which is one of five National Key Technologies defined by the 3rd Basic Program for Science and Technology of Japan. This system was designed to coordinate cutting-edge information science and technology and various research fields related to the Earth’s environment, to construct a data infrastructure that can integrate Earth observation data, numerical model outputs, and socioeconomic data effectively, generate knowledge enabling us to solve the Earth’s environment problems, and to generate socioeconomic benefits.

DIAS (Data Integration & Analysis System)


The Yoshikawa & Ma Laboratory is engaged in research related to the development and extension of data linkage functions for extension of DIAS. In addition, we are conducting research related to workbench construction to improve the search and use of domestic data and information.
The "E-Government Open Data Strategy" decided by IT Strategy Headquarters in July 2012 highlighted the need for research on open data initiatives. Improved accessibility of data is necessary to allow wide sharing of Earth observation data both domestically and internationally, and promote integrated use beyond the boundaries of academic fields. We are carrying out activities of metadata registration assistance to DIAS, along with the development of methods to improve data accessibility, to promote registration of metadata to the DIAS.
Furthermore, we are also conducting research regarding the use of cross-sectoral and DIAS public data related to metadata creation and search methods, specifically for geoscience data, as well as preliminary investigations regarding the associations between geoscience data creation and academic papers, etc.

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YOSHIKAWA, Masatoshi

SHIMIZU, Toshiyuki

SHIMAI, Hiroyuki