Metadata Management

By registering metadata in DIAS, it is possible for both domestic and international users to search and browse the data. By integrating the data and information possessed by each researcher in DIAS, we can create knowledge that can be shared across fields.

We are developing a system for registration and management of metadata in DIAS. Please contact us if you would like to register data and metadata in DIAS.

Reliable, verified data and information with clear precision will be shared around the world and used to promote sound decision-making.For example, several climate model simulations described in the Fourth Assessment Report IPCC indicated that the discussion regarding the causes of global warming is over, and the discussion should now turn to mitigation and adaptation solutions. DIAS aims to create databases that can be validated by advanced quality control and data integration, and to construct a data platform that makes verification possible and allows the creation of knowledge that can be shared around the world.

In the ten-year "Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS)" plan, which is based on multiple systems, the tasks include reanalysis, analysis, and visualization of very large and diverse data, and adjustment of data management approaches encompassing a wide range of policies on the life cycle of observation data with data input, processing, archiving, and distribution. As the leader of these tasks, with the development and use of DIAS, Japan will contribute to GEOSS by allying with data integration centers around the world.

Contact about Metadata

Metadata Registration System

We are developing a system for metadata registration. The input of metadata is presented as tabs for each item, so that it is easy to input metadata for users who have no knowledge about the metadata specification. In addition, this system also manages metadata lists and history.

Metadata Input Interface
Metadata List Interface
Metadata History Interface