The Yoshikawa & Ma Laboratory is engaged in research on the following topics related to management and search systems for the metadata of geosciences data.

Association between Data and Papers

Geoscience researchers produce highly specialized data, which are difficult for users from different fields to appropriately search and understand.
We believe that by presenting the data that is associated with geoscience data, we can promote understanding and support data usage.
We use the academic papers that refer to the datasets in the DIAS project to investigate samples of this type of association, and design methods for automated association.

Supporting Keyword Selection

Geoscience is a large field with various sub-fields, such as those related to the atmosphere, agriculture, ocean, etc.
To promote the use of data among fields, it is important to collect and manage the metadata.
In the metadata, keyword information is especially useful for searching and browsing data.
We are developing methods to recommend proper keywords during metadata creation.