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Research Topics

  1. Web Information Systems: Study on fundamental technologies for analysis/retrieval/management of the Web and multimedia contents, and their application systems to knowledge discovery and utilization.
  2. Healthcare and Medical Big Data: The analysis of realtime biometric data and large amount of electronic medical data, and its application to health management and acquisition of evidence-based medical knowledge.
  3. Scientific Databases: Development of metadata management and search technologies for earth science data considering interdisciplinary usage.
  4. Social Network Data Mining: Analysis of big social networks including Twitter or Facebook and acquisition of useful knowledge or people's characteristics among information flood.
  5. Integrated Utilization of Knowledge Bases and Search Engines: Systemization of information on knowledge bases including Wikipedia, and acquisition of deep knowledge by integrated utilization of it and search engines.
  6. Geographic Information Systems: Study on fundamental technologies for analysis and support of user mobility, and location protection. Discovery of regional knowledge (sightseeing information, regional daily information, etc.), and their application systems.
  7. XML Information Retrieval: Techniques for searching document fragments and their applications such as fine-grained document alignment.
  8. Multimedia Information Retrieval and Management: Foundation technologies for analysis, retrieval, and management of multimedia information (text, image, video, etc.) and its application systems.

Past Research Topics

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