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Research Topics

Data Science: Fundamental Studies and Social Deployment

Contemporary society relies heavily upon the massive amount of information connected to each other via the Internet. Social progress will depend upon the establishment and continuous revision of technologies to enable the rapid and accurate transmission of data, and technologies to allow a quick search of the massive volume of data to retrieve required information in a timely manner. For this reason, we will conduct fundamental research on database, information retrieval, privacy protection, Web information systems, and data mining. We also conduct application-oriented research such as data market, scientific data management, utilization of scholarly data, and geographic information systems, in cooperation with domain experts.

  1. Data Market
  2. Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing
    • Recommender Systems
    • User-Generated Contents
    • Digital Libraries
  3. Data Mining and Multimedia Inforamtion Systems
  4. Scientific/Scholarly Databases
  5. Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
    • Federated Learning and its Applications
    • Differentially Private Machine Learning
  6. Autonomous Distributed Information System

Past Research Topics

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