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 ===== Journal ===== ===== Journal =====
-  - Keisuke KiritoshiQiang Ma, "Named Entity Oriented Difference Analysis of News Articles and Its Application"Vol.E99-D,No.4,Apr2016. [[|Link]] +  - Hideaki OhashiToshiyuki Shimizu, Masatoshi Yoshikawa, "Flexible and Fast Similarity Search for Enriched Trajectories", IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Vol.E100-D, No.9pp.2081-2091Sep2017. [[|Link]] 
-  Nguyen Phong HOANGYasuhito ASANO, Masatoshi YOSHIKAWA, "Your Neighbors Are My Spies: Location and other Privacy Concerns in GLBT-focused Location-based Dating Applications"ICACT Transactions on Advanced Communications Technology (TACT) Vol.5, Issue 3. pp. 851-860, May 2016.[[|Cached]] [[|(media coverage)]] +  - Makoto KirihataQiang Ma, "A Trend-Shift Model for Global Factor Analysis of Investment Products", IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Vol.E102-D,No.11,Nov2019
-  - Xinpeng ZhangYasuhito Asano, Masatoshi Yoshikawa, "Mutually beneficial Confluent Routing", IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering ([[|TKDE]]), Vol. 28, No. 10pp2681-2696, Oct2016. [[|Link]] +  - Youichi IshidaToshiyuki Shimizuand Masatoshi Yoshikawa"An analysis and comparison of keyword recommendation methods for scientific data", International Journal on Digital Libraries2020.
-  - Chenyi ZhuangQiang Ma, Masatoshi Yoshikawa"SNS user classification and its application to obscure POI discovery". [[|Multimedia Tools and Applications]]Nov. 2016 [[|Link]] +
-  - Yizhu Shen, Min Ge, Chenyi Zhuang, Qiang Ma "Sightseeing Value Estimation by Analyzing Geosocial Images". [[|International Journal of Big Data Intelligence]]Vol.4, 2016+
 ===== Conference / Workshop ===== ===== Conference / Workshop =====
-  - Yizhu Shen, Min Ge, Chenyi Zhuang, Qiang Ma"Sightseeing Value Estimation by Analyzing Geosocial Images", the Second IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Big Data ([[ |BigMM 2016]]), TaipeiTaiwanApril 20-222016. [[ |Link]] +  - Zimao Liu and Qiang Ma"Unsupervised Method for Discovering Expert Traders on Social Trading Services",in the 6th IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing([[|IEEE BigComp2019]]), KyotoJAPANFebruary 27th March 2nd, 2019 
-  -Yiling Dai, Yasuhito Asano, Masatoshi Yoshikawa, "Course Content Analysis: An Initiative Step toward Learning Object Recommendation Systems for MOOC Learners". The 9th International Conference on Educational Data Mining ([[|EDM2016]]), Raleigh, North CarolinaUSAJune 29-July 22016.[[|Link]] +  - Xinpeng Zhang, Yasuhito Asano and Masatoshi Yoshikawa, "Mutually beneficial Confluent Routing", [[|TKDE Poster Session]] in 33nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering ([[|ICDE2017]]), San DiegoCaliforniaApril 19-212017. [[|Link]] 
-  - Hideaki Ohashi, Toshiyuki Shimizu, Masatoshi Yoshikawa. “Flexible Similarity Search for Enriched Trajectories”ACM SIGKDD 2nd Workshop on Mining and Learning from Time Series ([[|MiLeTS 2016]]), San FranciscoUSAAugust 14, 2016. +  - Yang Cao, Masatoshi Yoshikawa, Yonghui Xiao and Li Xiong, "Quantifying Differential Privacy under Temporal Correlations", 33nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering ([[|ICDE2017]]), San DiegoCaliforniaApril 19-212017. [[|preprint]] [[|Link]] 
-  Purnomo Husnul Khotimah, Yuichi Sugiyama, Masatoshi Yoshikawa, Kazuya OkamotoTomohiro Kuroda"Revealing oral medication patterns from reconstructed long-term medication history of type 2 diabetes", 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society ([[|EMBC-16]]), Orlando-FL, USA, August 16-21, 2016. [[|Link]] +  - Juyeong Park, Masatoshi Yoshikawa, Hiroyuki Kato, "Cell-based Provenance for Scientific Data", The 17th ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries ([[|JCDL2017]]) (poster), TorontoCanadaJune 19-232017(to appear) 
-  - Satoshi BabaMa Qiang. "Analyzing Relationships of Listed Companies with Stock Prices and News Articles", 27th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications ([[|DEXA 2016]]), PortoPortugalSeptember 5-82016. [[|Link]] +  - Yijun Duan, Adam Jatowt and Katsumi Tanaka, "Discovering Typical Histories of Entities", The 28th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media ([[|ACM HT 2017]]), Prague, Czech Republic, July 4-72017. [[|Link]] 
-  Yang CaoMasatoshi Yoshikawa"Rigorous and Flexible Privacy Models for Utilizing Personal Spatiotemporal Data", 42nd International Conference on Very Large Data Base ([[|VLDB2016]]), PhD Workshop, India, New Delhi, September 5-9, 2016. +  - Hironori ItoYasuhito Asano and Masatoshi Yoshikawa, "Automatic Generation of Plot for Education by Teacher–Student Dialogue Style", 2017 International Conference on Education and Multimedia Technology ([[|ICEMT 2017]]), SingaporeJuly 9-112017(to appear) 
-  - Purnomo Husnul Khotimah, Masatoshi Yoshikawa, Akihiro Hamasaki, Osamu Sugiyama, Kazuya Okamoto, Tomohiro Kuroda. "Comparing Frequent Patterns: A Study Case of Apriori and Singleton Implementations in a Diabetes Type 2 Data set", The 2016 International Conference on Computer, Control, Informatics and its Applications ([[|IC3INA-16]]), JakartaIndonesia,October 3-52016+  - YONG SopheaktraYasuhito Asano, "Mining Relationship between User Purposes and Product Features towards Purpose-Oriented Recommendation"The Second International Conference on Data Mining and Big Data ([[|DMBD2017]]), FukuokaJapanJuly 27 August 12017. [[|Link]] 
-  - Jiyi LiMasatoshi Yoshikawa, "Evaluation with Confusable Ground Truth," The 12th Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference ([[|AIRS2016]]), (short paper)pp. 363--369November 30 December 22016. [[|Link]] +  - Chenyi ZhuangNicholas Jing Yuan, Ruihua Song, Xing Xie, Qiang Ma, "Understanding People Lifestyles: Construction of Urban Movement Knowledge Graph from GPS Trajectory", The 26th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence ([[|IJCAI 2017]]), MelbourneAustraliaAugust 19-252017(to appear) 
-  - Yu NakanoToshiyuki ShimizuMasatoshi Yoshikawa. "A Visualization of Relationships Among Papers Using Citation and Co-citation Information", 18th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries ([[ |ICADL2016]]), TsukubaJapanDecember 7-92016[[|Link]] [[|preprint]] +  Suppanut Pothirattanachaikul, Takehiro Yamamoto, Sumio Fujita, Akira Tajima, Katsumi Tanaka, "Mining Alternative Actions from Community Q&A Corpus for Task-Oriented Web Search", IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2017), Leipzig, Germany, August 23-26, 2017 (to appear)
-  - Hideaki OhashiToshiyuki ShimizuMasatoshi Yoshikawa. “Flexible Similarity Search for Enriched Trajectories”11th International Workshop on Spatial and Spatiotemporal Data Mining ([[|SSTDM-16]]), BarcelonaSpainDecember 12-152016[[|preprint]]+  - Wiradee Imrattanatrai, Makoto P. KatoKatsumi Tanaka"Entity Search by Leveraging Attributive Terms in Sentential Queries over RDF Data"IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2017), LeipzigGermanyAugust 23-262017 (to appear). 
 +  Rafael Lopez Garcia, Makoto PKato, Katsumi Tanaka, "A Propagation-based Method of Estimating Students’ Concept Understanding", International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo 2017), Oxford, United Kingdom, September 13-15, 2017 (to appear).
 Full publication list is [[en:full-publications|here]]. Full publication list is [[en:full-publications|here]].
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