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Labo Rooms

Front side of the Sentantou building

sentan.jpg This is what it looks like when the sakura flowers are in bloom.

A spacious new lab

room07.jpg One room is shared between about 10 students. It's a spaciousness you couldn't hope for elsewhere. However, things can get scattered about if not kept neat and tidy.

A comfortable research environment

desk07.jpg Each person is assigned a desk and may rearrange their research space as they like.

"Daimonji" as seen from the window

daimonji.jpg A little-known spot for viewing Daimonji, meaning “the character Dai (大)”. Once a year this character (along with symbols on four other Kyoto mountains) is set ablaze in an event called “Gozan no Okuribi” (Send-off Fire of the Five Mountains). The lab sometimes holds a special Daimonji Seminar on this day.

Giant plasma screen

plasma07.jpg This plasma display and accompanying 5.1ch surround sound system are put to good use in research and meetings.

Rest area

sofa07.jpg A sofa is arranged across from the plasma screen. The armrests make a perfect pillow…

Digital camera

camera.jpg There is a single-lens digital reflex camera. Originally we planned to take pictures of a lab meeting using this camera, but we don't know how to use it well. We're currently in search of someone proficient in camera use. Incidentally, as evidenced by the fact that we have pictures at all, the lab has one more older camera. It's a smaller type, with a battery that's quick to run out.

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