Use black box to do automatic transaction

There are many researches and developments on automatic trading using AI technology such as deep learning represented by ultra-high speed trading. However, automatic trading can not cope with sudden events, increasing the risk of adversely affecting the market. In particular, many automatic trading systems do not show the reason or evidence for investment behavior, the readability of processes and results is low, and they are black boxed, resulting in high voices of anxiety. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to establish a foundation for elucidating the influence of improving the legibility of investment on the investment decision by specifying the investment evidence and reasons.

Research Contents

Comparison of investment products

In this research, one of the topic is to establish a factor analysis base of investment products to clarify the influence of events on the market. We analyze the factors quantitatively and globally using a dynamic spatial model. In addition, we propose methods to efficiently analyze across various investment data such as investment history, market information, investment reports, news reports and so on.

Characteristic analysis of investors

By utilizing financial engineering knowledge such as risk management and portfolio theory, we perform comparisons among investors and time-series analysis of investment history to extract characteristics such as areas in which investors are good and consistency of investment behavior. By doing so, we will build an investor's feature analysis basis that will clarify the characteristics (when and how to trade) of investors' investment behavior.

Investment support system

We compare investment products, analyze the characteristics of investors, and use those data to build an investment system. The support system provides a basis for identifying investment evidence and reasons, and for elucidating how readability influences decision-making. By doing so, it aims to relieve the unrest of the consumer, who is the original investor, and to lead to an increase in investment.



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